2021-11-10 Hal Hartley’s Flirt, Amateur & Meanwhile Boxed-set

The final Hal Hartley blu ray box set Kickstarter is live for the next 20’ish days. Flirt is a personal favourite and Amateur – basically an American 90s indie take on Antonioni’s The Passenger – is quirky and fun (I haven’t seen Meanwhile). I’ll be backing it, but note that these will all be available on Hartley’s own site (and I think US Amazon) at a later date.

Hopefully Hartley gets to make Where to Land (his proposed ‘final’ film) once the global ‘scourge’ quietens. I backed it when it was Kickstart’ed but sadly all pledges were refunded as production wasn’t feasible while in lockdown. There’s life in Hartley yet! Link to the Kickstarter below and associated video (which is very slow to load and too fiddly to control):


And a copy of the original Flirt poster, for no other reason than it’s a favourite poster of mine:

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